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Let's keep our family growing!

Access to a community of other LGBTQ+ persons, loving family, and affirming Catholic resources is critical to saving LGBTQ+ lives, finding healing, and creating a Catholic Church that affirms and celebrates LGBTQ+ persons and their families!

The Fortunate & Faithful Families community was started by parents of LGBTQ+ children to support other parents and their LGBTQ+ children in the journey of healing and cultivating an affirming Church and Catholic community. FFF has worked for 10 years within the Archdiocese of Atlanta to create community and advocate with Church leadership for a more open dialogue and create a Church that welcomes and celebrates the beauty of our families and children as beloved by God. As many of you know, we have also become a chosen family in so many ways!


As we approach the end of this year, we ask you to consider a gift to this community to help us reach our goal of $8,000!


Donations help us provide:

  • Annual spring retreat for LGBTQ+ families

  • Outreach materials for parishes 

  • Education and advocacy gatherings

  • Our ongoing work of advocacy with Church leadership


Thank you for supporting the FFF Family through your gifts, talents, and prayers. 

A close-up image of a person's back, showing a black hooded sweatshirt with the word 'LOVE' printed across a horizontal stripe pattern in the colors of the rainbow. The hoodie is gathered at the neck, suggesting the hood is pulled down, and the person's hair is just visible at the top of the frame. The image captures a powerful message of love and inclusivity, often associated with LGBTQ+ pride, and suggests the person is part of a larger gathering or event.
A group of six smiling individuals stand side by side holding a large banner at an outdoor event. The banner reads 'Fortunate & Faithful Families - Catholic families affirming their LGBTQ members' with a logo featuring interlinked figures in a circle, symbolizing unity and diversity. Each person is wearing a matching white t-shirt with the same colorful logo, signifying their group identity. The background suggests they are part of a larger celebration with festive decorations and a crowd, possibly a pride event in downtown Atlanta
A vibrant street parade with diverse individuals walking joyfully. In the forefront, a group carries a blue banner reading 'The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception' with the subtitle 'Proclaiming God’s Love for All Families' and 'You are Welcome here with Open Arms!'. Another sign says 'EVERYONE BELONGS' in bold, colorful letters. Participants are wearing white t-shirts with a colorful logo, and many are adorned with rainbow-colored accessories, suggesting the event may be an LGBTQ+ pride celebration. The crowd appears cheerful, with some waving to the camera, and the background shows a residential street lined with spectators and green trees.


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