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  Calendar of Events 2023 - 2024

 Upcoming Events for 2023

Please check back frequently for updates

  • September 24: Light in the Darkness, Freedom from Fear and Ignorance

  • October 15: FFF walks in the Atlanta Pride Parade with The Shrine

  • November 19: Giving Thanks... Lunch at Lynette's Club House (Details TBA)

  • December 10: Concert and Dinner... (Details TBA)

  • Ongoing Events: Social Gatherings to build community,  Service Projects & Listening Parents

2024 Preview

  • Annual FFF Retreat at the Archdiocese of Atlanta Chancery- March 3, 2024... more TBA

  • Holy Land 11 Day Pilgrimage: Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus (see home page for more) April 15-25, 2024

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  • January 26 - Feb 23, 2023: The Candler Foundry Course 

  • February 5: Coffee and Conversation after Mass at The Shrine

  • March 5: Annual FFF Retreat at the Archdiocese of Atlanta Chancery

  • April 30: Educational Event- The Transgender Community and the Catholic Church...
        "Growing Together in Understanding and Acceptance"

  • June 4: PRIDE MONTH Potluck Dinner

  • June 16-18: OUTREACH 2023: FFF Attends the National LGBTQ Catholic Conference

  • August 20: SEEDS OF HOPE: Sharing from the National LGBTQ Catholic Conference

DATE: Jan 26 - Feb 23
Candler Foundry Course:
Walking Together, A Catholic Dialogue on Sexual Orientation & Gender

Potluck Invite.png

DATE: June 4, 2023
FFF celebrates Pride Month with a Pot Luck Dinner 

Retreat flyer 2023.png

DATE: April 30
A special educational event took place to learn more about our transgender loved ones! A panel of 6 individuals (a Deacon, 2 parents with trans children,  2 beautiful trans women, & a Priest) spoke about their unique  spiritual, parental, and personal journey to help the faithful understand that faith can be a source of strength that allows us to boldly explore our doubt and encompass our whole selves in compassion and love

FFF W Fr Martin.jpeg

DATE: June1-18, 2023
FFF attends the Annual National Catholic LGBTQ Conference in NYC

seeds of hope.png

DATE: August 20, 2023
Please join our FFF presenters and attendees from the National LGBTQ Catholic Conference Outreach 2023. We will be sharing SEEDS of Hope:  Conference takeaways and insights from  experiences  and interactions with individuals from around the US & the world who are fostering greater understanding, acceptance, inclusion and unconditional love for LGBTQ persons and families.

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