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Sunday, May 23, 2021
Led by FFF member Deacon Richard Schmidt
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Saturday, June 26, 2021
2021 Webinar
Ongoing events
for LGBTQ teens 
Past Events
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  • LGBTQ Retreat with Fr. James Martin, October 2020

    • Fr. Martin joined via video conference for a talk and live Q&A

    • Facilitated locally by Fr. Peter Fink, who has led retreats for FFF in the past and assisted with the LGBTQ teen retreat; he has been ministering to the LGBTQ community since the 1970s.

  • Facebook Live

    • Event with FFF leader Kathy Farrell and Fr. James Martin, September 2019

  • Pride Parade

    • FFF contingent marches with the Shrine group in each October’s Atlanta Pride Parade.

    • Fantastic opportunity for community outreach

    • “Mom” hugs!

  • Virtual Meetings

    • Sunday “brunch” via Zoom

    • Planning meetings

  • Potlucks

    • Two or three a year, usually in the spring and before Thanksgiving

    • Starts with home Mass, then fellowship

  • Community Involvement

    • Pop-up Talk at Catholic Church of St. Ann in September 2020 — “Building an Inclusive Church: Loving our LGBTQ Members”

    • Prince of Peace Catholic Church hosts regular group discussions with its group “Bridge Builders of Faith.” One focus is LGBTQ people and families.

  • Evenings of Prayer

    • November’s evening of prayer included a special guest, Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer!  His message was one of inclusion, and he was grateful to have an opportunity to get to know us.

  • Special Events at The Shrine

    • Taizé service in December

    • Mass of Belonging (to be rescheduled post-pandemic)

    • “Christmas on the Hill” annual holiday concert featuring Homeward Choirs, The Shrine music ministry, orchestra, and more!