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for LGBTQ Teens 
Past Events
  • 8th Annual Fortunate & Faithful Families Retreat, May 23, 2021

    • We had a wonderful meeting with 60+ people on Zoom! The retreat kicked off by watching virtual Mass from The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Fr. Jim Martin and Fr. Dennis Dorner were the highlight of the day as they shared conversation about how to better love our LGBTQ loved ones and our church. We were also blessed to hear from two LGBTQ teens who shared about their journeys and families. 

    • One of our retreatants shared, 
      "I am so grateful for the community and the wonderful spirit of welcome I experienced on Sunday. Because of Sunday, I was able to have a wonderful, affirming conversation with my daughter. I do know the Spirit of God when I experience it, and that I found in abundance on Sunday with all of you."

  • LGBTQ Retreat with Fr. James Martin, October 2020

    • Fr. Martin joined via video conference for a talk and live Q&A

    • Facilitated locally by Fr. Peter Fink, who has led retreats for FFF in the past and assisted with the LGBTQ teen retreat; he has been ministering to the LGBTQ community since the 1970s.

  • Facebook Live

    • Event with FFF leader Kathy Farrell and Fr. James Martin, September 2019

  • Pride Parade

    • FFF contingent marches with the Shrine group in each October’s Atlanta Pride Parade.

    • Fantastic opportunity for community outreach

    • “Mom” hugs!

  • Virtual Meetings

    • Sunday “brunch” via Zoom

    • Planning meetings

  • Potlucks

    • Two or three a year, usually in the spring and before Thanksgiving

    • Starts with home Mass, then fellowship

  • Community Involvement

    • Pop-up Talk at Catholic Church of St. Ann in September 2020 — “Building an Inclusive Church: Loving our LGBTQ Members”

    • Prince of Peace Catholic Church hosts regular group discussions with its group “Bridge Builders of Faith.” One focus is LGBTQ people and families.

  • Evenings of Prayer

    • November’s evening of prayer included a special guest, Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer!  His message was one of inclusion, and he was grateful to have an opportunity to get to know us.

  • Special Events at The Shrine

    • Taizé service in December

    • Mass of Belonging (to be rescheduled post-pandemic)

    • “Christmas on the Hill” annual holiday concert featuring Homeward Choirs, The Shrine music ministry, orchestra, and more!